House Votes to Restore Funding for Critical Items in FY17 State Budget

BOSTON – Representative Jennifer Benson joined her colleagues in the House of Representatives on Saturday, July 23, in voting to restore $100 million in funding to important accounts in the Fiscal Year 2017 (FY17) state budget.

In July, Governor Baker signed the FY17 budget (H.4450), but sent back $256 million in spending vetoes and amendments to the Legislature.

“I was proud to join my colleagues in voting to restore funding to essential items, including early education and early voting, that are important not only to my district, but the Commonwealth as a whole,” said Representative Benson. “While we are continuing to remain thoughtful and fiscally responsible due to the unforeseen shortfall in projected revenue, we also need to ensure that we are keeping our commitments to our communities and to our most vulnerable citizens.”

The House voted to override nearly one hundred vetoes and restore funding to numerous programs, which include the Down Syndrome Clinic, an academic detailing program for prescribing physicians, reading programs such as the Center for the Book, and the Turning 22 program for adults with disabilities.

The House will convene for the final full formal sessions of the year next Saturday and Sunday.