House Authorizes $200 Million in Chapter 90 Funds for Local Infrastructure Projects

(BOSTON) – Representative Jennifer Benson (D-LUNENBURG) joined her colleagues in the House of Representatives this week to authorize $200 million for local road and bridge repairs, passing legislation before April 1st so that municipalities can take full advantage of the construction season.

Chapter 90 funds may be used for roadway projects, such as resurfacing, drainage, sidewalks, traffic control and lighting, or road building machinery, equipment and tools.

“As the Legislature reviews the Governor’s FY16 budget recommendations and we approach the House budget debates, this early action legislation is a reminder that local aid continues to be a top priority in the House,” said Representative Benson. “The $20 Million allocation will allow for municipalities to take advantage of the construction season, and start addressing necessary roadway projects after a harsh winter.”

This legislation follows the release of $100 million in Chapter 90 funds by Governor Baker which had been previously allocated by the Legislature but not yet approved.

The Chapter 90 formula takes miles of road, population and employment statistics into consideration. Under this allocation level the 37th Middlesex District would receive $2,169,543.

The bill now moves to the Senate for its consideration.